After the Fog

The other day, the fog rolled in. For two or three days all you could see through the window was fog. There was one morning when, for a while, the sun came out and blue sky appeared but it soon went. The gloom returned. I said two or three days but I can’t be sure: perhaps it went on longer. I lost track of time. However long it was, I had no need to go out so I stayed in. I tried venturing out once or twice but the combination of fog and early sunsets proved just too oppressive. On one occasion, I tried setting out late at night with a head torch but soon gave up. The fog was thick and the beam hardly penetrated the darkness. It was difficult to see where I was going but what it did illuminate was the teeming flow of water-particles moving on the air-currents. It reminded me of the Dust that features in Philip Pullman’s novels. Just for a moment it was as if I’d stepped into another universe.

After however many days it was, the fog finally lifted to reveal a changed world. Officially, winter doesn’t start for a few weeks but here it feels as if it has arrived already. The trees are completely bare. The brown, dead leaves are everywhere. Everything is covered with a thin film of water which will probably remain (either as water or ice) until Spring. There is a greyness to everything.

© Sackerson, 2020

4 thoughts on “After the Fog

  1. There is still fall color here, but it will soon be gone. There is snow in the hills. November is usually notable for rain and overcast, although the sun does shine brilliantly at time.

    Thank you for MUSIC 2 11 20 (-:

    It led me to this, which also cheered me up for some reason:

    1. Thanks for that. Great fun, isn’t he? There seem to be hundreds of videos on the Vape YouTube channel. I explored a bit and found they’re the work of Czech artist/musician Petr Valek. I’m not sure I have a favourite!

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