I spend too much time
laid on the settee
looking through the window
at the clouds in
(where else?) the sky
listening to the music
of Howard Skempton.

Or, perhaps, not enough.
Doing nothing, ostensibly,
leaving the words
to fend for themselves
and when I do this
they think I’m not looking for them
that the game is over
and they come out of hiding
and arrange themselves in the sun
outside, in the yard,
where it’s easier for me
to catch them.

(c) Sackerson, 2019

10 thoughts on “Reverie

  1. Active leisure is an attitude of mind which can have a positive effect on everything we do. It’s like a mental “fifth gear”. We tend to do everything as if we’re driving round at 60mph in third gear, claiming that if the engine isn’t overrevving like that we’re not working hard enough.

  2. Thanks for that. You got me thinking about the rhythm but I think I like it just as it is. (The are things about the poem that get me worrying -there always are- but not that).

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