Two Poems

Wild Thing

It was here: I didn’t imagine it.
Look at the marks on the ground,
the paw-prints where it paced around.
It’s an inscrutable beast but I don’t think
even it knows what it’s looking for
until it finds it. When it does
the significance of things is made
manifest and everything seems to make sense
just for a moment. It was here.
It isn’t anymore and so
the trees/the sky/the earth/etc.
once more conceal the secret.


Fragment, 6am

Right now you’re sleeping and
I’m writing this by torchlight.
Soon it will be morning and
elsewhere in the building
people are already moving –
I can hear the dull sound
of their footsteps as they hurry out.
Then silence almost. There’s just
the sound of breathing
and the birds outside.


(c) Sackerson, 2019


6 thoughts on “Two Poems

    1. Indeed. Do you remember “wayfinder” shoes? lots of animal tracks on the sole to help you identify them and a compass concealed in the heel? I remember getting a pair. Interesting how times have changed – I’m not sure they’d catch on today. “Which way’s North?” “Hang on, I’ll just take my shoes off.”…

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