Invisible Journey

A flock of pigeons spends its days
sitting on the roof of the hotel.
Most of the time I can’t see them
from where I sit but I know they’re
almost certainly there,
sitting and thinking about
whatever it is pigeons think about,
because every now and then
they take flight en masse,
swooping down the alley,
round the square and back
and when they do
they fill my window
just for a moment
as with precision
they reach their apogee,
pulling out of a steep dive
towards the cobblestones
and heading up again
to disappear from view.



Copyright (c) Sackerson, 2019



8 thoughts on “Invisible Journey

  1. Pigeons always seem to get a bad press but I rather like they way they completely inhabit the ledges along the edge of the roof of big buildings. even breeding there in some cases. What goes on in their heads is anybody’s guess = but then you could say that about some people too.

    1. Thanks for that. You won’t have read it before but I did post a poem a while back about flying, called “My Imaginary Flying Machine” which has a similar airborne feel to it.

  2. yea pigeons are fine creatures.
    Your right about the silence
    .I notice it more at the moment as we seem to have some noisy seagulls in the calder valley (cold weather?) & they make right din compered with their silent brothers.

    1. It’s easy to go off seagulls, especially when they nick your chips (like they did mine at the seaside a couple of years ago) but I try to think nice thoughts about them as they’re only trying to make a living. – – something we make very difficult for them (dodn’t I read seabird numbers have halved since 19th century?). And I quite like the noise, especially inland. If you just shut your eyes you can think you’re at the seaside.

      I saw somewhere that pigeons can live till they’re 26. I don’t know about seagulls.

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