The Little People in my Head


I wrote this song the other day. I recorded it this afternoon. These are the lyrics, for anyone who would like to read them:

The little people in my head
are listening to what you say
and making notes so I’ll tomorrow
recall what you said yesterday.

The little people in my head
are watching every move you make:
they know I’m feeling hungry,
they watch the way you cut the cake.

The little people in my head
are wondering what I want to do:
they’re tired of doing the same old thing,
it’s time to think up something new.

The little people in my head
are whistling a song:
they’re asking me to play it,
don’t want me to get it wrong.

The little people in my head
are telling me to go to sleep:
they close my eyes, turn out the lights,
the little people, counting sheep.

The little people in my head
are tucked up in their little beds:
they dream of even smaller folk
asleep inside their tiny heads.

Copyright (c) Sackerson, 2019


10 thoughts on “The Little People in my Head

  1. I’ll have to admit that I like this much better as a song than I did when I read it as a poem when it was emailed to me.

    1. Thanks for that. It was written as a song. It’s one of the great mysteries, the way there are lyrics to songs and then there are poems, and they’re never quite the same thing. I’ve heard it said that composers often deliberately choose mediocre poetry to set to music because it tends to work better: the music can add something to the words that is otherwise missing.

  2. I love this Dominic, its simplicity combined with a kind of irreverent respect for a more traditional folksy morality. Love it! It would be great to have a full orchestra or brass band bursting in at the end and taking up the theme tune. Do it! Don’t give it up. It’s sort of anthem.

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