Polar Bear

I would describe myself most of the time as reasonably computer savvy. I’ve even been known to delve into the registries of old PCs, tinkering with lines of digital gobbledygook to keep the old things going. However, what catches me out again and again is when technology takes a step forward and I’m left behind thinking I have to do something which actually does itself. Bluetooth is a case in point. I’ve had very little to do with it even though it’s been around for a long while. I hate to admit that I spent a few minutes looking round my car in the dark for a jack socket last night so I could plug the audio from my tablet into the sound system. After a few minutes, the penny dropped. Bluetooth, you fool! I turned on the ignition, woke up the tablet and hey presto, sound!

And it was all because I wanted to listen to Polar Bear. I went to one of their gigs at the Sage with my daughter (her idea) a few years ago and I’ve been listening to them quite a lot recently. Life-affirming, cheerfully witty and serious all at the same time.




10 thoughts on “Polar Bear

  1. My computer savvy is decidedly patchy. It’s a sort of archipelago of solid know-why & know-how with stretches of deep, dark water in between. The knowledge that I do have is the product of early blogging necessity augmented as technology has developed. The rest I accept as magic, flawed or functioning. But surely Bluetooth is just good old-fashioned radio waves such as you & I have ridden many times!

    I like the skronky tenor player on the left!

    1. Yes, good old fashioned radio waves but no good, old-fashioned knobs to turn them on and off! The technology is great but it’s the way it thinks for itself without asking me that is occasionally confusing.

      I like the word “skronky” and have resolved to use it at least once in the coming week.

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