I scratch my head
watching it all
gradually coalesce
around me, a roomful
of silence.

Further away,
beyond the edge,
birds are singing
the same songs
as yesterday.

Like them,
I have no plan,
other than
to let Summer
take its course.


Copyright (c) Sackerson, 2018


12 thoughts on “Awakening

    1. Thanks for that. I’m not retired yet but I work part time by most people’s standards and I’m lucky enough to do a job that involves teaching people stuff I’m passionate about. It feels like this to me, a lot of the time, too.

    1. Apology accepted! Google (blogspot) blogs are a nuisance to non-blogspotters these days, too, since they changed the settings. All those “prove you’re not a robot” pictures are a nightmare. Posting comments on blogs should be made ultra simple. Thinking about it, I’ll check my own settings to make sure commenting here is as easy as possible!

  1. Nice description of gradually returning to the world after a good night’s sleep.
    Noticing the date of your post reminds me that July 10th was your Grandfather’s birthday – he was born 128 years ago on that day.

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