The Big Picture

When we reach the end
there’ll be no credits rolling
as the music of the spheres
plays out: no-one to perform
the autopsy. Without
a body, so they say,
there can be no murder.

It will be as if
we never were. Time passes:
cause and effect set
the record straight, conceal
the evidence. Probes
from deep space find
nothing definite,
ascribe a name or number
and move on.


Copyright (c) Sackerson, 2017




6 thoughts on “The Big Picture

  1. Oh! Beautifully written. But I refuse to believe “it’s as if we never were”. Not after all the trouble we go to to leave traces, tracks, clues about ourselves. Surely they remain, like the handprints in those ancient caves. I WOZ HERE!

    1. I read somewhere that, in the distant future, all that would remain of humanity would be a slightly sooty 2 inch wide band running through the rock strata, the sootiness caused by all the fires we lit over time.

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