Slow is Good

It snowed today. The roads were quickly covered. We needed a few essentials, so I walked to the nearest shop (two miles, I’d guess, over the fields) armed with an umbrella and a rucksack. I returned weighed down with mince pieces, newspapers, and a bottle of red wine.

It was good to be forced out of the car, I decided, as I walked down the edge of a snow-covered field. I’d taken an off-road route partly out of a desire to stay safe and partly because I wanted to enjoy myself. I do get quite a lot of exercise but my day-to-day working life revolves around getting from A to B in a car.

Snow slows you down. Often, as in this case, this is good. Walking takes time. Nothing in particular happened. It was good to do nothing except walk.

Later, after dark, I lit the fire. Only then did I realize I’d been wearing my trousers inside out all day.


I was listening to this the other day. I not only  enjoyed the music but also the whole atmosphere of the performance. It has a sense of fun about it that in no way detracts from the music. It’s perhaps hard to perform piano duets otherwise. Not only do performers need to sit (sometimes incongruously) close together but an aura of amateur music-making surrounds the whole genre.

The last, most well-known movement starts at 10:38. I’m sure it was used as the theme tune for a TV or radio programme. I can’t for the life of me think which one.


2 thoughts on “Slow is Good

  1. I didn’t see you in town although we sat in the window of our favourite cafe. Now I know about the trousers am quite pleased I didn’t as I would have invited you in for coffee. Admire your walking into town although I do understand the pull of The Guardian and the red wine!

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