Task Avoidance Behaviour

Why is it, when you’ve a lot to do, that a hundred and one other things suddenly feel like they just have to be done? I’ve heard psychologists describe this phenomenon as “task avoidance behaviour”. I’ve loads of gardening and a pile of paperwork to do but I really do want to read Ulysses again…

As football is not my thing, reading Ulysses at the moment has a lot to be said for it. I started it yesterday. I’m now half way through chapter three. Stephen Dedalus is on the beach. He’s just decided not to visit his uncle. He’s there, in my mind’s eye, like a DVD on pause, waiting for me to pick it up again. Which I will. Just after I’ve done some of that paperwork…

I say football’s not my thing but it’s not entirely true. I went to the odd match with friends when younger (usually Celtic) and I once broke my arm playing five-a-side. And I did take time the other day to watch my all-time favourite football match on Youtube. I say “all-time-favourite” but perhaps that’s a misnomer – it’s the only football match I’m ever likely to watch voluntarily – Germany vs. Greece:



One thought on “Task Avoidance Behaviour

  1. This is your mother speaking – put that bl…. book down and get out in the garden – good for the exercise, good for the soul and good for open gardens!

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