A Desert Island Disc…

I’d quite forgotten about this orchestra until I came across a link to it on Youtube. Then I remembered. I’m sure I saw them perform this very piece live on TV many years ago. It’s certainly my favourite recorded interpretation of a piece by Richard Strauss. Enjoy.



7 thoughts on “A Desert Island Disc…

  1. No offence taken. The title of the post? That’s from the BBC’s UK programme Desert Island Discs, in which chosen people (celebs, etc) choose the 8 records (plus a luxury and a book) they’d want were they marooned on a desert island.

    1. Same here. I keep wating to listen to it but never quite get round to it. I should, though – I’ve friends who only ever listen to it on iPlayer and apparently there are archives going back way back.

  2. Ah, at last an orchestra I could aspire to become a member of. Congratulations on the new blog. I have been franticly cutting and pasting eight years of blog posts over the last few days following your warning. Thanks for that.

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