Taking the Back Road

Just been out for a run. I took my camera as it’s a run I do as much for the views as the exercise. Although you can’t tell from the photographs – it was unusually busy. I passed a steady stream of cyclists, birdwatchers, horse-riders and dog-walkers. The fact it’s a Bank Holiday probably had something to do with it. Everybody needs a break…

Anyway, back to the run. Part of it is on an A road…



…but it soon turns off down a road that’s been closed for years due to the risk of subsidence – further on, the edge of an old old quarry comes almost right up to the verge.



At the top of the hill there’s the ruin of a look-out post from WWII – used to spot bombers heading for the cities in the East. Now all you can see from it are airliners heading out from Leeds Bradford airport and sheep…


There’s still May blossom to be seen in the hedges – a good excuse to quote link to my favourite poem, by Basil Bunting.


And so to the quarry. It’s a great haven for wildlife – especially for birds. The road, which runs along the cliff edge, is hidden in the trees and bushes on the right.






8 thoughts on “Taking the Back Road

  1. What a spectacular spot to have so close to hand! Nice to see contented sheep may safely graze.
    Are there many of those WWII towers left on the landscape in England? Next time you’re out, take a few closer shots of that, I’d be keen to see them.

    1. There are all sorts of strange structures dotted about if you go looking for them – which I haven’t, but if you explore places “off the beaten track” you do tend to come across them. I’ll see what I can do about photgraphing this one but – be warned – I’ve been upto and into it and there’s not much left! The most interesting thing I ever found was a ruin near the White Cliffs of Dover. The original structure might have had some kind of garden, we thought, because we found all sorts of unexpected plants still growing in plausible rows and patterns among the undergrowth.

    1. Yes, it is magical. All the more so for being invisible until your stumble on it. (At least it’s not so invisible that you stumble into it!) Birds are in their element there – as are bird-watchers!

  2. Although I live near to that quarry I have never been past it. I find it a bit scary actually.
    The May blossom has been marvellous this year hasn’t it? I think I got the real flavour of your walk without the effort!
    :Like the Christy Moore but my real favourite is Ride On,

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